Why Natural Dyes?

Four compelling reasons to choose natural dyes over conventional chemical alternatives.



Using plants that grow abundantly in our own ecosystem bypasses the entire production process it takes to make synthetic dyes. This helps to save water and omit unnecessary pollutants. In addition to avoiding large-scale production, if we choose to rally behind natural dyes, we also stand in support of a product that can be cycled back to the earth.


Natural dyes along with food-grade mordants such as pickling alum or sea salt are non-toxic to work with (not for ingestion). One can confidently simmer down dye plants into a tea without fear of inhaling toxins (not to say one should!) Anything in large quantity can be harmful, but respectively, dye plants come from the earth and can be handled and processed without fear of contamination.


One of the most remarkable aspects of working with natural dyes is the enlightening experience one receives from direct connection with nature. Through the experience of growing, harvesting, chopping plants and preparing a dye vat, we build a much deeper appreciation for where color comes from. When we invest time and energy into the process, we receive on the other end, gaining more profound respect for our interconnectedness with the planet.